How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a pandemic

There are so many easy ways to show your appreciation for loved ones, even in the pandemic.

The Catalyst / Selena NBH/Flickr Creative Commons

There are so many easy ways to show your appreciation for loved ones, even in the pandemic.

This past year, everyone has experienced major restrictions from socializing with friends and family because of the stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements. With just Zoom calls and long distance check-ins, people can still feel lonely and without true connection to loved ones. Although we are distanced from others, we can still connect with friends and family from the comfort of our own homes. Regardless of the pandemic, there are still ways to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Gifts are a special way to express appreciation for others and the impact they have made on our lives. Consider sending your loved one homemade baked goods, flowers, chocolates, or simply just a card. Whatever you choose to send your friend or family member, they will appreciate the effort and will be reminded of your presence whenever they see the gift you chose for them. Baking Valentine’s Day treats for loved ones also makes us feel happy and promotes cooperation and social connection, despite the odd times we are living in.

Words of affirmation are another way to express gratitude for our loved ones. Displaying affection through letters and cards promotes positivity, both for the writer of the card and the person receiving it. Simply writing down things you love about them will strengthen your relationship with them, while boosting their confidence. Cards also allow you to express your feelings in the way a present can’t, so do not worry if you cannot afford to buy a Valentine’s Day present. Although we cannot physically express our love to others, we can still show how much we adore and appreciate those special people in our lives through written messages.

Nothing beats quality time with friends and family, especially those of whom you want to safely reconnect with because you have not seen them in a long time. Using technology to connect with someone goes a long way, and can make anyone’s day when they receive an unexpected call from a loved one. More specifically, another fun Valentine’s Day activity is to host a Netflix watch party with friends and binge watch romantic movies together. Whatever it may be, time to bond with those you love and call them will boost everyone’s mood and create a positive impact on their lives.

You do not need to be face-to-face to express your love on Valentine’s Day, since there are plenty of safe ways to celebrate while following COVID-19 safety guidelines. Whether you choose to bake them a treat, send a card, or schedule a call with them, they will appreciate the effort you put into connecting with them. Hopefully, these few examples of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day during a pandemic gave you some ideas for how to keep each of your relationships thriving. Remember that it is the effort and thought that counts when sending someone a present or card, scheduling a virtual event, or simply reminding them of your love and appreciation for them.