The importance of giving Valentine’s


The Catalyst / Christine Krizsa

Making or giving Valentine’s cards can uplift the spirits of both parties.

Every Valentine’s Day in elementary school, students would create Valentines for every single member of their class. Sometimes these Valentines would be little cards with handwritten messages or would include candy and a sticker. They would be passed out to friends as a sweet gesture, showing that someone was thinking about you. However, as the years went on, making Valentines became less and less frequent. But the importance of making them is just as prevalent now, even in high school.

A Valentine represents appreciation, not just for a significant other, but for friends and family. Someone going out of their way to give a special card, shows that they care. Just like gift-giving during the holiday season, it’s a way of demonstrating love.

“Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that doesn’t take itself seriously,” said NDB junior Sage Saperstein. “And the tradition of giving gifts gives people something to look forward to.”

Now more than ever, it is extremely important to reach out. Without seeing classmates and friends daily, becoming isolated and lonely is much easier. There is no longer a simple way of connecting with those in our lives. Every meet-up, every interaction, is preceded by multiple health precautions or merely a screen. The raw human relationships we used to have do not apply.

However, writing a letter or sending a gift still applies. It can still be done safely, and the emotions are just as strong. Going out of one’s way to demonstrate love, is powerful. That is why selfless acts of kindness are revered. No one is required to send a Valentine, but doing so is a small sacrifice for the ones we appreciate. Furthermore, it is a fun activity that can make people smile.

“I like to hand-make gifts for the people that are close to me,” said Saperstein. “It adds a little bit of fun to the boring month that is February.”

So this season, consider giving Valentines to the people around you. Whether it be parents, friends, or classmates, reach out to someone. Hold on tightly to the relationships in your life. Stay connected with your loved ones, and most importantly, show that you care.

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