New Health, Beauty, and Fitness Goals

Emma Callicott, Staff Writer

Many students have been trying new health, beauty, or fitness routines to start the year. More than ever due to COVID19 people have been wanting a fresh start. These are some of the NDB freshmen new year’s resolutions. 

When asked if she had any new year’s resolutions for this year NDB freshman Kate Taylor explained ”I want to start working out more and being the healthiest version of myself.” 

I’m going to work out with friends and go on runs at sunset. To keep myself motivated I think of how good I feel afterward,” said Taylor.

When NDB freshman Kayla Messick is asked if she is participating in any new year’s resolutions she said, “I have two health and fitness resolutions, one is to drink more water, and the other is to work out at least three times a week.”

She was then asked how she is going to keep motivated to achieve these goals.

I downloaded an app called ‘Done’ and set reminders for myself to remind me to drink more water. For working out, it has been pretty easy getting into a routine, but I just think of how good it makes me feel after” Messick continued.

NDB freshman Mallory Moore said, “my new year’s resolution is to stay healthy and take care of myself throughout the entire year,” 

“To keep myself motivated I am going to work out with friends and I am going to continue making healthy snacks and dinners from my favorite cookbook for my family and me” added Moore.

These are some of the freshman’s new year’s new health, beauty, and fitness routines for 2021, and how they are going to make sure they stay dedicated and motivated to achieve them throughout the year.