How do teachers and students de-stress from online distance learning?

How do teachers and students de-stress from online distance learning?

Since last spring, school has taken place entirely through online distance learning due to COVID-19. Issues with technology, lack of socialization, and many other problems have increased the amount of stress on both teachers and students. Mood swings and depression are created as a result of staying in the same place for too long, which causes stress to produce. Thus, a change of scenery or going for a walk could definitely help to eliminate the stress this causes. As the end of the fall semester is approaching, NDB teachers and students share their ways to destress.

“I’m usually up between 4:30 and 5:00 [A.M.]. My newspapers probably come at 4:30. I feed my dog Gracie and I have a yellow lab. I usually sit with the newspaper in the cup of coffee maybe for half an hour, then I take Gracie for a five minute walk,” said NDB English teacher Peggy Brady. “It’s dark, and it’s cold, but it’s the fresh air and it’s just a wonderful way to start the day. The other way I destress, when I have a lunch break, I just go and I sit in my backyard.”

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“Something I like to do to help de-stress is just going outside, even if it’s just in my backyard because it’s kind of nice to be able to disconnect from being on the screen or being cramped up in my room all the time,” said NDB senior Elizabeth Weishaar.

Lack of socialization is another essential cause of stress. As said by Brady, Weishaar, and NDB English teacher Clare Wadbrook, going outside or switching areas are great ways to get rid of unnecessary pressure. In addition, to maintain good mental health, interactions with pets, family and friends are needed as well. Being socially connected to others can ease stress, anxiety, and depression by providing comfort and joy, and by preventing loneliness.

“I’ve taken up walking because I found that I had a lot of energy. I got to see parts of San Francisco I wouldn’t have seen,” said Wadbrook. “Having Zoom meetings with friends and family and creating a garden with mostly edible flowers and other kinds of food. My son is in England, so we have movie nights through Amazon sharing and Netflix Party. And then we have WhatsApp on as well so we can talk to each other about what’s happened.”

“I take a lot of naps these days,” said NDB junior Amanda Tam. “When I wake up, I often feel like I have more clarity, and more motivated. I like talking with my friends and talking with my parents. And I think it’s just all about to have something to look forward to.”

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