New COVID-19 Stay at Home Order

New COVID-19 Stay at Home Order

Emma Callicott, Staff Writer

A stay at home order has been enforced till late December in California due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The stay at home order was enforced on November 21 and is planned to stay in action till December 21.

Many businesses will be shut down due to new conditions. Hair salons, indoor recreation centers, movie theaters, bars and wineries, personal care services, museums, and indoor and outdoor playgrounds must close due to the order. 

When asked if the stay-at-home order is necessary Laura Lipton a freshman says,“Yes, I think these precautions are necessary because I think things are spreading fast and should have been implemented earlier.” 

The stay at home order also prohibits restaurants from indoor and outdoor dining. Takeout and delivery are still in the restrictions. Even with the many restrictions parks and beaches are able to remain open.  

There are many countries around the Bay area and most of them including San Francisco and Santa Clara county have decided to enforce the stay-at-home order. However, San Mateo County has decided not to partake in the stay at home order. 

Lipton continues, “I think we should but I understand why we don’t. Our cases are lower than some other counties, but our cases are high enough that I think the stay at home order would be necessary.”

San Mateo will be continuing with its current safety measures. But will not be pertaining to the new stay at home order.