Cheer and Pom COVID-19 exposure


The Catalyst / George Retelas

Spirit squad 2019-2020

Recently, a member of the NDB Cheer & Pom team has tested positive for COVID-19. Since the beginning of October the teams have been holding in-person practices under strict guidelines. The practices were outdoors and each athlete stood at a cone six feet apart with their temperature checked as they arrived.

Once coaches received information that there was a positive COVID-19 test amongst one of the team members, they immediately sent a notice to each athlete and their families. Every person that was at the practice was required to quarantine for 10 days and was recommended to get a COVID-19 test. There was only one confirmed positive test.

“When I heard that a team member tested positive for COVID-19, I was really shocked and worried for the team’s health,” said senior cheerleader Alyssa Enriquez. “I was also worried, because I realized that I could’ve exposed my entire family to COVID-19, including my grandma who has pre-existing health conditions.”

Looking forward, the coaches canceled in-person practices for the rest of the semester, but are planning to restart in-person practices after the winter break.

“When I first found out a teammate had COVID-19, my first thought was regret of going to practice at all for fear that I exposed anyone else that I came into contact with,” said junior cheerleader Katie Spencer. “As I thought about it further, I recognized that I should have been more conscientious that this can happen each and every time that I go out, not just during practice, and that I needed to make sure I was only going out when absolutely necessary.”

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