Sam Sutter, senior at NDB

Izzy Enock, Staff Writer

TC: What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?


SS: I’m not happy about it at all, I was hoping I would get to see people and have better access to my teachers and counselors. I was hoping we would be able to do the hybrid by October. 


TC: How are you doing with school right now: academically, socially, or personally?


SS:  I am very stressed all the time, which has to do with my crazy busy schedule outside of class. Certain classes have been very difficult to learn online.


TC: How has your class tried to build a community?


SS: I don’t really know, I haven’t noticed my class doing anything to be more of a community. We all know each other pretty well so I think just keeping in touch. 


TC: How do you feel about coming to school on-campus with others who might not be that careful with handwashing, mask-wearing, or social distancing?


SS:  I personally have a lot of health issues, so it would be a bit scary, but I think as long as everyone wears a mask at all times and tries to distance themselves as much as possible, it wouldn’t be too bad.


TC: How has working from home affected your home/work life?


SS: I definitely have a lack of energy being in the same place looking at a screen all day long. My room is the only available quiet space I have and I can get pretty tired of being in my room all the time.


TC: For seniors: How do you feel about starting your last year of high school online?  How do you think it’ll affect college apps?


SS: I am not happy at all about having the first semester of my senior year online. I don’t think anybody would be. We’re missing out on a ton of stuff that seniors get to do every year. As for college apps, I think online learning makes the process a LOT harder. If we were in person, we could take lunch or a short break and go see Mrs. Cunha or a teacher and be able to get quick and immediate feedback. While some staff is good about emailing back quickly, it’s still not the same as being able to walk right up and ask. I think it’s been a lot more stressful for the seniors.

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