Laura Lipton, ’24

The Catalyst (TC): What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?

Laura Lipton (LL): I was a little disappointed to hear that we would not be going back to school until December because I was really excited to go back to school, but I think it was the right decision because of the circumstances.  

TC: How are you doing with school right now: academically, socially, or personally?

LL: It is easier for me to do school online academically because I have more time to study. I feel the teachers have been very understanding of the situation. Socially I wish we were in school so we can meet more new people because it is a little hard to do online.  

TC: How has your class tried to build community?

LL: Our class has tried to build communication when we are in class we work together. We’re just trying to get to know each other and build friendships. 

TC: How do you feel about coming to school on-campus with others who might not be that careful with hand washing, mask wearing, or social distancing?

LL: Of course, I will be nervous about coming to school but I think the teachers and staff are going to do a really good job of keeping things under control. 

TC: How has working from home affected your home/work life?

LL: It has made my home life a little harder because I miss going out to see other people and doing a lot of things, I cannot do anymore. But schoolwork wise, or school I flat school life-wise. It has really helped. Because I think it’s a good transition into meeting the teachers and got moving from a middle school to a high school.

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