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Chesney Evert, sophomore at Carlmont High School

The Catalyst(CS):

First question. What is your high school doing for the fall semester, are you on campus, are you in a hybrid model, or are you doing a mixture of both?


Chesney Evert(CE):

We are online as of now, all online. 



Okay. And what do you wish your school was doing for the fall semester?



Honestly, I really just want them to do whatever will keep people safe, but distance learning has definitely proven to be challenging for all parties, teachers, students, and everyone involved. So I guess I’m not sure if there’s a way to make it better but I definitely think that being online is a smart move.



A few weeks ago our school just made the official announcement that we’re not going in-person until the end of December or early January. Has your school made any similar announcement? Do you know when you’re going to possibly go back?



We do not right now, the only information we have I believe is from Redwood City elementary school district and also San Carlos Elementary School District. They have a vague idea or plan, but it seems not in public high schools. The older kids are not the highest priority obviously, because we can fend for ourselves during distance learning. So, right now, I have not, to my knowledge, heard a plan.



Okay, and how are you doing right now academically, socially and personally?



I will say it’s much harder to learn concepts and connect with teachers and classmates, which is definitely very difficult. And, socially, I’d say that again it’s hard because you can’t make that connection through a screen like you can in person with your friends. So it’s definitely difficult. And also, one benefit is it gives me the opportunity to make plans online, in a different environment. Like for example, now you can have a manga or Netflix party. I find those things really helpful in maintaining connection. Mentally, I’ve been okay. I think one thing that’s helpful is that it’s very evident that the whole world is going through this right now it’s not just us in our little California bubble so it’s really easy not to feel alone.

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