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Amy Shaw, parent of Kayla George, 22′


The Catalyst(CS):

How do you feel about your daughter going to school on campus with others who might not be that careful with handwashing mask wearing or social distancing.


Amy Shaw(AS):

I’m willing to accept the risks, I do think there are there are risks. But I think the school is doing a good job of protecting my daughter in other ways by ensuring safe distances apart and other measures they’re taking inside the classroom to protect the teachers and the students. And I also think that my daughter knows an awful lot about the pandemic and is very careful herself so I think that she’s really where they say the expression of the buck stops here. I think she’s actually going to really be the one to make sure that we don’t get sick or she doesn’t bring it home to our family. 


How do you feel about paying tuition for online school?


I am absolutely fine with it. I think our schools are doing a fabulous job. There’s no choice; our school has to offer online for safety. But even, even though we’re online and my daughter’s not in school, we still have a school with a whole bunch of faculty and staff that needs to be paid and all of that needs to be kept up for the day that we go back to school. So I think that it’s absolutely fair to continue charging the same rate so that the school can thrive. Even during the pandemic, and when everyone is ready for us to return.


What do you think about the announcement to continue online distance learning until December?


Well, I was sad, to be honest. My daughter’s a junior and she has only got a couple more years at Notre Dame and we love the school and it was a little sad for her. And frankly, as well for my family and we kind of miss being over at the school. I miss seeing everybody. The other parents the other students and I missed the energy. But I think it’s probably the right thing. I think that rushing to get back to on site learning is probably too risky. And we need to be safe and keep our community safe so that our hospitals aren’t overrun with too many patients so I think it’s probably the right decision.

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