Dance classes release final projects online


The Catalyst / Robert Rojas

Zoe Spencer, Staff Writer

At the end of every school year, the Visual and Performing Arts departments usually showcase the work that they have put together all year. Whether that is an art show, choir concert, or dance show, it is a special event that is important to all of the students in these classes. In the case of all of the dance classes, Dance teacher Coleen Lorenz decided that, even though everybody went online, she still felt it was important to showcase the skills that her students have learned throughout the year. 

She is deeply saddened by the fact that one of the only things the dance classes get to have to show off their skills has been taken away. Some of the pieces that were supposed to be in the show were started at the beginning of the year and will never get the chance to be showcased. 

The Spring Dance Showcase is always the highlight of the year for the dance program and the students, their families, and friends.  I’m still amazed at the steadfast dedication, uplifted attitude, and resilience of our incredible students!  They have remained positive and creative despite the biggest change they could ever experience in the dance program,” Lorenz said.

“Most have spent three to four years in training and development in order to present multiple pieces of original choreography to present at this end of year event.  All of the dance students deserve tremendous credit for their time, hard work, effort, and honing skills for the Spring Dance Show.”

Lorenz believed that she had to make up for the lack of a live performance and decided the best way to show what these incredible dancers have been up to was recording her Zoom classes of everyone dancing together and hiring a video editor to create a final presentation of the classes. 

In the video, one can see the class virtually dancing “together” to choreography that was taught in the same class.

Lorenz also had the students send in different videos of them speaking about dance or dancing individually.

She ended with the seniors speaking about their experience with dance throughout high school and gave advice on certain things they have learned throughout their four years at NDB. 

Senior Lilliana LoGiudice believes Lorenz did a great job of making sure everyone was appreciated.

“She works really hard for all of her students and puts a lot of time and effort into us. She works with outside creators to make the best things possible for us dancers and it’s really great that she does that for us,” she said.

“The one thing I was looking forward to about the spring dance show was the senior piece where each senior revealed where they’re going to college. I was definitely sad that the show as a whole couldn’t happen because of the COVID-19 outbreak,” Senior Leilani Gellner shared.

For some seniors, this was going to be the event where they were going to be honored as a whole for their contribution to NDB’s dance program and Lorenz did her best at making sure each and every one of them was going to be recognized as a huge asset to all the dance classes. 

Lorenz believes the seniors in her classes have worked especially hard and deserve to be recognized tremendously for their hard work.

And, this year, more credit than ever to the seniors for enduring unbelievable change, yet continuing on with belief, strength, and beautiful leadership,” she said.  “Against all odds, these dedicated students of the dance program still created portfolios that were from the heart, and carried a message of faith and hope to share with others.  Hats off to you!  You are amazing women!”

All the dance classes have worked very hard and Lorenz has done an amazing job of making sure everyone is included and feels acknowledged at the end of the day.

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