NDB works on plan to reopen in the fall


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of @NDBTigers

What will school look like with social distancing when it reopens in the fall?

Parker Daley, Editor In Chief

As the novel coronavirus continues to prompt new health and safety procedures, the question on everyone’s mind is “What comes next?” The information that the public is receiving is constantly evolving with headlines about possible vaccines and lifting lockdown precautions coming out each day. Students are concerned about their ability to come back to school in the fall of 2020; many colleges have announced plans for an online start to the year, and high schools and elementary schools will surely be quick to follow.

Even as a private school, NDB complies with health and safety procedures mandated by the county and state for public schools. The administration has been taking their cues from Governor Gavin Newsom and San Mateo County during these past few months. It can be assumed that, if the state orders for schools to remain in distance learning through next year, NDB will follow these directives.

“There is so much uncertainty with what the future holds for resuming school on campus in the fall. We are hopeful for the best, but preparing for what is generally being reported in regards to COVID-19,” Associate Head of School Cathy Lewis said.

“Most likely, our fall semester will be a hybrid. We know that synchronous online learning is going really well, and we are so proud of our students and teachers for making such a rapid adjustment to the alternate learning platform. What we do know is that we need each other, and our students really need to see each other and to find ways to safely engage. That is our challenge, and we are committed to finding a solution to safely being together!”

Despite the uncertainty, she remains hopeful that NDB students will be able to return to school next semester.

However, even if students can come back on-campus, it may not be business as usual. It is likely that, until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 widely available, gatherings of people will have to follow social distancing procedures such as staying six feet apart and wiping down desks or supplies between classes. Undoubtedly, the school will look different next semester, and it is difficult to know what this new reality will be like.

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