Poll: How willing are you to go to a theme park, like Disneyland, this summer?


The Catalyst / Screenshot from Google Form

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the least likely and 5 being the most likely, how likely are you to visit a theme park this summer?

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

With summer just around the corner, there is a lot in question. Many people want more places to open up for their enjoyment. But, if they do, would people go? Obviously, everything would be done in moderation. But, in the world we live in right now, there is always a risk. 

Shanghai Disneyland will be the first Disney park to open on May 11, 2020. They have many precautions in place to help make each experience healthy and enjoyable. 

Nationwide, Six Flags parks will be undergoing some major changes to help ensure the wellness of each visitor. 

The changes in these parks will require the cooperation of staff and customers. They will be doing all they can, and although some may be eager to get in the park others may not want to risk it.

The Catalyst presented the NDB community with this question. With over eighty responses from students, the results showed a mix of emotions all across the board. However, there was more of a lean towards the safer side. Nearly half of the voters would not venture into a crowded amusement park. The other half was split between going or on the fence between the two.