Opinion: What I expect from my first semester of college during the pandemic


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Bianca Lopez

The Indiana University campus is closed for now, but plans to open in the fall.

Bianca Lopez, Staff Writer

In the fall of 2020, I will be attending Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, and I cannot be more excited for the next chapter of my life in a completely different setting than the Bay Area. Safety is the number one priority, but at the same time, the freshman experience is something that I hope to receive. Without a doubt do I want everybody to be safe, but I also want to allow myself to have that typical first-year experience.

The Indiana University of Bloomington has publicly said: “While at this time we do not yet know how, or if, this virus will impact the start of the fall semester, we do know that IU is actively exploring all options.”

Like any other incoming freshman, this statement did not give the reassurance that I was hoping for. 

I hope Indiana takes the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe while still allowing students an unforgettable year.

One thing that should be required is to have students use hand sanitizer before every class and have it available in every dorm room. I also would suggest the idea of making large lecture classes smaller or having half of the attendees attend online, while half attend in person to reduce contact. Although some may see this as a requirement, it is important that there is a drastic increase in cleaning amongst public areas, classrooms, and especially dorm buildings.

There should be tests available for COVID-19 on campus that are easily accessible for students should they experience symptoms. 

Although there are many new changes that I hope to see, there are things that I want to stay the same. I want to see the same large group gatherings, the same Greek life, and the same game days. Along with everybody else, I am hoping that my time in college can be as normal as it possibly can. 

It is no surprise that everybody wants life to go back to before. I think it is important that we resume a normal life, but at the same time take extreme precautions to ensure that another outbreak does not occur. I do not think life can continue like this for much longer as there are people and families suffering from a loss of income. Safety will always be the first priority but I think that it should be highly encouraged that colleges in areas that have not been as highly impacted return to classes for the fall semester of 2020.

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