Accepted, rejected, waitlisted: Seniors hear from their colleges


The Catalyst / The NDB Catalyst

The NDB class of 2019 in college sweatshirts for annual college photo.

Victoria Giomi, News Editor

After months of filling out applications and weeks of waiting, college results are finally out for the NDB seniors. This past Tuesday, April 1st, was the final deadline for all colleges to release decisions for the incoming class of 2024. 

While some College decisions begin coming out as early as September, others are as late as the end of March. For students waitlisted, decisions can come as late as June or July. 

Lena Bacon, a current senior, has had lots of success in her college in her results, but she still found herself facing a couple of waitlists.

“I’d say waitlisting is better than getting denied, because you still have a chance of getting admitted, but time is a big factor in one’s decision. It is definitely not something to be upset about, because you still have a chance of getting in. It’s not like they’re denying you, but some schools [you] have a higher chance of getting accepted off the waitlist than others.”

Lena is currently deciding between Loyola Marymount University, University of San Diego, and Clemson University. 

In recent weeks when most of the final decisions come out, many students begin narrowing down their lists and begin to decide where they will further their education for the next four years. While many students already have their decisions made, some seniors are stressed to make the big choice.  

Senior Cali Perazzo is one of the seniors still deciding where she will be attending college next year. 

“Deciding where to go is really hard because different schools offer different things and I’m not really sure what I want. It’s really stressful because I don’t want to make the wrong decision. With the May 1st deadline, it’s really hard to decide where I’m going sooner rather than later.”

Cali has narrowed down her top two colleges, the University of Indiana or Clemson University. 

In past years, all students must have their minds made up and deposits for enrollment submitted by May 1st, but due to the recent restrictions from the coronavirus, several schools have pushed back enrollment deadlines until June 1st.

When deciding on a college there are many factors that come into play such as, size, cost, housing, location, and major options.

Senior Angela Marie Fairman will be attending the University of Redlands this fall. 

When asked why she chose Redlands, she said, “Redlands was everything I wanted in a school, especially because it was a small school, I like that aspect. It had everything like a normal college would, it’s just a lot smaller and more manageable.” 

Perhaps one of the biggest factors in a college decision is the campus itself. Because of the importance of the campus, many students find themselves visiting schools after they are admitted in order to get the feel of campus life. 

“I would definitely say one of the hardest parts about choosing between two colleges right now is because they are both very similar, so I was hoping that I would get to go see the campuses and see what it felt like to actually be a student. I was planning on visiting both of the colleges and attending preview days to talk to current students and teachers. I would definitely say it is now a challenge, doing everything virtually doing tours online instead of actually being there in person.” said senior Carina Leveroni.

She is currently finalizing her college decision, with her last two schools being Chapman University and the University of San Diego. 

With many closed campuses, students are limited to virtual tours and online receptions. The limitations brought on by COVID-19 have even more students stressing about how to choose a school.