Am I learning enough right now? Yes.


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Emma Tsui

Although school has moved online, students are still responsible for their own learning.

Emma Tsui, Staff Writer

With NDB transitioning from the physical classroom to the online classroom, one concern is whether students are learning enough as they do in the traditional classroom. Learning in a physical classroom has generally been accepted as the way for students to learn best, which is why most of the population chooses this route of sending their children to school as opposed to alternatives, like homeschooling. In order to make the online school experience as close to the one at school, NDB has been using resources such as Google Docs, Schoology, and Zoom. 

Despite the initial challenges in adapting to a new method of learning remotely, my education seems to be as adequate as it would be at the NDB campus. I have found that the standard of education has been maintained through this uncertain time. With the help of the video application, Zoom, my teachers have been able to instruct a lesson in a manner as close to a face-to-face one in the classroom. From still being able to fill out notes sheets to having discussions on the reading material, my quality of education has not changed. 

While some may think that a switch from physical classroom learning to online learning would imply a decrease in the quality of education. However, that has not been my experience. While most things these days are able to be transferred via the internet and applications, education has proven to be no different. While there are some activities that cannot be replicated in an online setting, my teachers have been adapting and finding alternatives in order to continue to teach the curriculum. 

As a senior, in response to the question of whether I feel prepared for college, given the fact that part of my last semester has consisted of online lessons, the answer is yes. Although part of the semester was disrupted a bit with the unprecedented closing of NDB, that does not diminish the fact that up until this point and for the past three years, I have been preparing and acquiring the skills necessary for college. If anything, this experience has given me insight into what the online classes that I am likely to take in the next few years are like.


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