To plan or not to plan for prom: How to plan for a life event that may or may not be canceled.


Members of the Class of 2020 at their Junior Prom in April 2019.

Bianca Lopez, Staff Writer

The question of whether Prom will be happening has taken over Juniors and Seniors as they struggle to understand whether or not they should be preparing for this special event. Most have already accepted the fact that their first or last proms may not be happening. But there are others who still have hope that this memorable event may happen. Obviously everyone wants it to happen, but how seriously should it be taken is the question. Should students be preparing the same? Should girls be making hair and nail appointments in the event that the Country reopens? The answer to that question is different for everyone.

The joy of going to a prom dress store to find the perfect dress is something that every girl dreams of, but this may not be a reality this year as online shopping is the new alternative. It is probably not the smartest, financially best idea to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress for an event that may not happen, but, there is an alternative. Students should look for their dress online and have it ready in the event that Prom does happen; it would be the best idea. This way, they are not losing money but are still prepared in case the email that Prom is still on emerges. Those who have already bought their dress and cannot return it are in a different boat. To those people, you or someone else may want it next year, you can always sell it!

As for Promposals, if that is important to a student, they should prepare for it. However, a Promposal is not as necessary and exciting as some may believe. To all the juniors, proposals honestly just happen in the movies or if the student has a significant other. If not, it is awkward and unnecessary;  just do it over text. A proposal is not worth stressing about when there are other more important, essential things to worry about. Find a date in the first place before thinking about what to write on a poster. 

So yes and no, students should be preparing for this event but they should not get their hopes up that Prom will happen. Find a dress but don’t buy it, find a date, but maybe don’t ask too soon. Start getting used to the new normal, Zoom. Maybe prepare for a Zoom Prom instead? Just a suggestion. 

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