Basketball and soccer teams put up a catfight

Zoe Spencer and Paige Clarke

The NDB catfight is a tradition at NDB, when the winter sport Tigers, basketball and soccer, take on the Woodside Priory Panthers in an effort to unite the school through athletics. It has been a great tradition that happens every winter. For the basketball team, this is the biggest game all year. It has been advertised during school hours and on social media. 

The big crowd that entered the Moore Pavillion was made up of NDB students, staff, families, and the opposing team’s fans. Obvious nerves were present among basketball team, but they stayed focused. For those who were not playing in the game, it was a big spirit point even that will help to determine the class leaderboard going into Aquacades season. This game is around the start of Aquacades preparation time, all classes are highly encouraged to attend as many sporting events as they can for spirit points.  

Since NDB sports teams switched to the WCAL (West Catholic Athletic League) in 2015, the basketball catfight was changed to be against Priory. 

At the 2020 game, the Tigers fought hard against Priory’s Panthers, but ended losing with a score of 24-55. There was a good turn out with the spirit squad cheering for the tigers as well as much of the student body. 

The game was tough, but the Tigers put up a good fight. Several of their players were injured, including Alayiah San Juan, Kate Rose Keighran and Taylor McDonald, making it hard for the Tigers, but they continued to keep their heads up. Their starting point guard, Alex Salice, ended up getting hurt in the second half, but was persistent with playing.  

When speaking with ASB Activities Director and basketball team player, Olivia Miller, she said her favorite part of the game is the excitement the gym atmosphere creates while she is playing.

“My favorite part of the game is how excited the bench gets when the littlest things happen. It increases the entire energy of the gym,” she said.

Miller says the game is the equivalent to volleyball’s Dig Pink game in October. She believes the game is so hyped up because it has been a tradition for so long. 

NDB’s Athletic Director, Jason Levine, says that the Catfight has been against Woodside Priory since 2015, but NDB has been playing it for much longer.

“The Catfight began in the mid 2000s by our Boosters parents as a way to get our school population together for an athletic event,” he said. The game was initially played against the Presentation Panthers at home each year for around twenty years. 

The Catfight game is a two-part event, with the Varsity soccer team playing on February 11 against Priory. The catfight this year will also be doubled as the senior game, bringing extra excitement and energy to the already anticipated big game. 

“I’m feeling really excited for this Catfight game. It’s going to be a tough game, but I can’t wait,” senior midfielder Sofia Damelio said about her feelings on the upcoming game.

Through training and practice, the soccer team has been mentally and physically preparing for the difficulty of the upcoming game. They have put in loads of hard work throughout the year to lead up to this huge spirit point game.

“I’m just excited to play,” Damelio said.

And, we hope the soccer team and school have this same positive energy leading into the event.

The Catalyst wishes the soccer team luck in their Catfight game.

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