Review: Cinepolis is worth seeing


Clair Sapilewski, Contributing Writer

On November 22, Hillsdale Shopping Center opened a new movie theater, Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas. As the name implies, the new theater offers more comfort and extravagance than the average cinema. It boasts of reclining seats with tables in between them, and a menu with an in-seat button activated waiter service.

The theater contains 10 screens, each with around 100 seats. Seating in the theater provides a completely different experience than the conventional film house. The chairs are capable of reclining nearly all the way to horizontal, and are made out of leather.

The already impressive seats have tables in between them large enough to hold sizable orders of food. Each seat has a button used to notify a waiter to take your order from a menu provided next to your seat. 

The menu contains more than just popcorn – it includes restaurant quality tacos, burgers, salads, pizzas, and churros in addition to the traditional movie time snacks. In-seat service is offered starting half an hour before the movie begins and continues throughout the show.

Unfortunately, the theater’s extravagance does come with a few disadvantages. The menu’s length is impressive, but comes with the downside of incredibly expensive food. A simple pack of Starbursts or M&M’s is over $6 while a burger passes $17. The waiters are supposed to be very quiet, but their stealthiness does not stop other moviegoers from speaking loudly when ordering, which does get annoying during the movie. Another downside is that only debit or credit cards are accepted when purchasing food, which is a problem for teens carrying primarily cash.

Even with the drawbacks, Cinepolis Luxury theaters are definitely worth the money, especially when tickets are only a dollar more than a usual movie.

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