Jolie Orban goes TikTok


Ally Lawrence, Staff Writer

The popular and rapidly growing new social media app TikTok has over 500 million users and counting, turning into the new “Vine.” It is mainly known for people making relatable videos or showing their talents of singing and dancing. Not only teens, but adults have been actively using this app to come together as a community by making funny and entertaining videos. 

A majority of the students at NDB either use TikTok or watch it, but one user that particularly stands out is junior Jolie Orban. With 79.8K followers, Orban spoke with the Catalyst about the types of videos she creates, how she manages her time with school, as well as the promotions and brand deals she has gotten as a result of her TikTok fame. 

“Yeah, there were two brand deals I have. One of them was with Pottery Barn Teen. I got a couple of backpacks, and they also gave me $200 for it… and then there was a necklace company that wanted me to advertise some of their necklaces, which I didn’t end up doing, but they sent me the necklaces anyways. So, that was nice,” Orban says. 

A viral video of Orban redecorating her bedroom led to newer video ideas. “I usually like to make videos about zodiac signs: Kind of information on each zodiac sign and how compatible they are together, and I also like to make POV, which is very popular on TikTok, and sometimes I make jokes video,” Orban says. 

POV is an acronym for “point of view,” where people make videos through the eyes of a different character or scenario. 

Orban opened up about how she manages her time with TikTok, saying she spends around three to four hours a day on the app, creating videos and watching other people’s. 

“I don’t respond to my Snapchats because of this, and I think it’s become a really big part of my life,” Orban explains. 

With TikTok being a creative outlet for Orban, she puts her own thoughts and ideas into every video, trying to make relatable content for her followers, and setting her career off to an outstanding start.

Orban is planning on continuing to gain more popularity on TikTok by building her platform. After TikTok, her goal is to go into the arts and film industry.

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