Finding a passion is easier said than done

Caitlin Earnshaw, Opinion Editor

According to Liz Freedman’s student study at Penn State in 2013, twenty to fifty percent of incoming college freshmen enter college without declaring a certain major because many of these students are unsure of what their passion is and what they want to pursue in life. 

However, here at NDB, seniors are asked to know their passion and then, in turn, spread their knowledge on the topic and create a movement throughout the community surrounding their passion.

Seniors at NDB are 17 and 18-year old girls. Some are lucky enough to know exactly where they are going in life, but others are too young to know their passion and too young to have connections to do what they are asked. 

NDB is asking students to know what they should not have to yet. And, sometimes when they have figured out what they are passionate enough about, they are too young to be taken seriously.

Students struggle in making their mentors understand how big this project is to them. Mentors believe this project is what it is supposed to be: passionate when, in reality, it is all for a grade. 

Mentors look at it as just another high school project; they do not always understand that our grades depend on it, that graduating depends on it. 

The Passion Project differs among students. Some choose to focus on spreading awareness and education, others focus on physical service, and some on donations.  

The idea behind the project is good. It was developed to help introduce students to the real world and help them become amazing individuals, ready to do anything for what they really believe in. But, it seems a bit unrealistic. 

The Passion Project is such a big deal in the NDB community, and with all the work it requires, it should be a big deal. 

However, many students put all of their work into the product that just happens to take up one lunch period. 

Is that really enough time to show passion? No, but to ask of anymore is too much to students who are already juggling a variety of different things already. 

This project is made to inspire passion, connection, and change, but it is overwhelming, out of reach, and limiting.