Review: Post Malone captivates Oracle


Parker Daley, Editor in Chief

After watching the wildly popular rap artist Post Malone’s recent Bay Area concert, I am amazed by his performance ability.

The concert was held at Oakland Arena, which seats approximately 20,000. That means that around 20,000 people filled this top-notch venue across the Bay for his November 14 concert.

Now, picture that massive crowd, people in floor seating and three layers of balcony. During Post Malone’s entire set – about an hour and a half – almost every person in this mass was standing up, dancing, and singing along with the solo artist.

How did one man gain so much power? Post Malone does not sing with backup singers or a band. He doesn’t even have dancers onstage with him.

The only exception to this happened when the artist from the opening act, Swae Lee, made an appearance to sing their collaborative song, “Sunflower.”

However, Post Malone’s presence was so powerful that concertgoers of all ages were willing to stand, dance, and sing along with him for over 90 minutes, even during slow-paced songs such as “Stay.”

This shows the impact of his music: What it means to listeners and the emotion it invokes. The effect of this man, standing alone on a stage and captivating a crowd of this magnitude, demonstrates his storytelling and musical power.

His set was a mix of songs from past albums, and from his latest, titled “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” He had fans singing along to new, different tracks, such as “Allergic” as well as his classics, such as “White Iverson.”

He also pulled an atypical move on this particular audience, bringing out a guitar and playing “Stay,” one of the most emotional of his many tracks.

In addition to his musical prowess, the design of the stage effects capitalized on Post Malone’s unique brand. At times simplistic and almost ethereal, and at times chaotic and powerful, the lighting and set complemented his songs perfectly.

Post Malone’s fame continues to increase, and it was easy to see why at the Oakland leg of his Runaway Tour.