Halloween: Is it just another day or witchcraft?

Claire Tierney, Staff Writer

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Based on a CNN report from last year, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America, with more than 175 million people participating in the festivities every year. Although it falls at the end of October, people spend weeks in preparation, making or trying on costumes, putting up decorations, and stocking up on candy.  Some people go to haunted houses, pumpkin patches, or theme parks. And, on the night of the 31st, people, usually children and teenagers, dress up in costumes to parade the streets in search of candy at the doors of their neighbors.

Those who support it, love it, from little kids who get to collect and eat candy to the elderly who wait for the kids at their otherwise empty porch.  It is a chance for people to show off their creative sides through their costumes, especially if they made them themselves, or through their Halloween displays, decorating their houses just like it’s Christmas.

It is an opportunity for communities to come together as the event draws most people of all ages out of their homes and into the streets – or, at least onto their porches – in order to handout or receive pieces of free candy.  But, those who believe the opposite often disregard this aspect and choose to argue against the holiday with the fact that Halloween originated in paganism.

In history, a pagan was someone who worshipped several gods.  Over time, its meaning changed to eventually describe someone who does not go to a church, mosque, or synagogue.  To this end, some people argue that celebrating Halloween is practicing “syncretism” or the merging of Christianity and paganism.  This is considered unacceptable in the eyes of God as it is specifically stated in the Bible that no one should participate in the occult. Furthermore, some people also argue that celebrating Halloween is glorifying the devil through scary costumes or movies.

Honestly, Halloween is just another day on the calendar and, though it has some strange beginnings, it has obviously grown from its past into a holiday that is more about candy, costumes, and decorations. The best advice one could get for the upcoming season is to simply just have fun.


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