Day in the Life of a Golf Athlete

Emma Tsui

A typical day in the life of NDB golf athlete, Felicia Wei, begins when she wakes up and drives to school. She then attends classes before heading to either practice at Mariners Point Golf Center in Foster City, California or a match, after seventh block on B days and after third block on A days. 

At a typical practice, she practices hitting golf balls at the driving range. The equipment that she uses is the Ping golf clubs. Her favorite golf club is her driver. At practices leading up to a match, she focuses on skills that she wants to improve on, such as short game, long shot, and putting. To get to the matches, the golf athletes are driven in the school vans by their coach. For each match, the team takes six players to participate. In golf, the player or team with the lowest score wins. 

Aside from practices, she completes training in the weight room for the season. Most of the exercises that she completes are arm related ones, for example exercises using a dumbbell or the pull-down machine.  

She returns home at around seven p.m. after a long day of school and practice. Although Wei experiences the challenge of getting back late and having to do lots of homework assigned by both AP classes and regular classes, she does her best to balance school and golf, by getting a lot of school work done on the weekends. 

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