Pom: Q&A with Isabelle Collins


Mia Hernstadt, Staff Writer

TC: How do you feel that this is your last year of doing the sport at NDB?

IC: I’m really sad… I’ve made so many memories and… I had so many amazing experiences. I’m really sad to let them all go.

TC: Why did you try out?

IC: As an incoming freshman, I decided to try out for Pom because I had been doing classical ballet since I was three… And, I knew I really want to be involved in a team on school… and I thought it would be a great way to meet people because I didn’t know anyone coming into NDB.

TC: How did it feel performing at Levi’s Stadium?

IC: Performing at Levi’s was such a cool experience. There was such an electric vibe because the players were aware of the high stakes.