Intercession should happen every year

Jean Aquino, Opinion Editor

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Intercession is a four day break given to students every other school year, following Presidents Day weekend. Activities, such as on-campus classes as well as off-campus educational trips, are offered to give them a chance to learn subjects not often taught in the classroom and to take a mental health break from the pressures of school. So, why does NDB host this event only every other school year?

Intercession can include activities such as art lessons, cooking, hiking, and other various topics. There are also opportunities to travel through college visits, academic trips, family trips, and immersion trips, some of them around the world. These are all learning opportunities without the pressure of grades or assignments.

For teachers, intercession is also a chance to share their hobbies and passions with students.

English teacher Adam Currier says, “I think teachers benefit from intercession, not only for the break that they get from their regular curriculum, but also in being able to connect with students that they do not normally get to work with.”

For juniors and seniors, intercession presents the opportunity for college visits, especially deciding which one to apply to or attend.  For athletes who play a fall or winter sport, it is also a time to go on the Kairos Retreat and bond with their classmates.

However, with intercession being on alternating years, only purple and red classes can really consider these possibilities.

For many students, intercession is an academic break that helps keep the momentum from the beginning of the semester going to its end.

Senior Julia Hebrok says, “You feel the burden of second semester more on the years that you do not have intercession. It is a nice way to create a break in the spring semester, while keeping students continuously learning.”

Intersession allows students to acquire new skills, enjoy time with their friends, and even discover a new hobby. The NDB community benefits from intercession, and long-term school scheduling would be much easier if we included this week into every school year.