New year’s resolutions

Victoria Bartels, Staff Writer

January is a notorious month, full of pressure and transition, as people scramble to start their New Year’s resolutions. From drinking more water to getting a new job or even traveling the world, many people in the community have been inspired to transform their lifestyles in 2019.

Though making lists and sharing these ideas with friends is something to look forward to, often our resolutions do not come to reality outside of the brainstorming. Breaking old habits can seem almost impossible. So, the question is, Are we even capable of following through?

To give some perspective on this, Serra HS senior Marcus Seto says, “New Year’s resolutions give people an opportunity to slowly reshape themselves.” So, even if new habits are not fully carried out, there is still that sense of refreshment and the initial thought of wanting to resolve things in the New Year. He goes on to explain, “These resolutions allow us to set a goal and not only create the habit of chasing and fulfilling that goal, but also to gain the satisfaction of self-improvement.”

It is true that setting yourself up for success is quite motivating. And, although humans rarely stray from comfortability, designing a list full of new aspirations can bring excitement into your life.

However, we must keep in mind the most prominent reason those few goals get left behind and forgotten about, even if they felt super important when we wrote them down. This is that many of our goals are too generic. The reason specificity is key is because it allows us to find the root of what exactly we are trying to accomplish.

Sophomore Anee Guilhot agrees, saying, “Resolutions are good ways to try new things you have had in the back of your thoughts for awhile. The mindset of beginning a new year motivates people to become a new and better person.”

The more thought and time we dedicate to the improvement we wish to see in our New Year attributes to how successful we will be. So, when you are reviewing your resolutions it is also important to determine whether you designed them as food for thought or as genuine aspirations. Either way, 2019 is looking fortunate for all those with a desire to grow.

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