Ladies celebrating ladies: A guide to “gal”-entine’s day

Luisa Laguisma, staff writer

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Luisa Laguisma

Staff Writer


In 2019, the idea of a traditional Valentine’s day is coming to an end. The pressure of having a Valentine’s date has not only become too played out, but it blocks us from appreciating our true loved ones. Which is what Valentine’s day is all about. The unofficial holiday serves to act as a day for gal pals to celebrate one another in sisterhood and solidarity. In the spirit of Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s fictional character on Parks & Recreation, who coined the idea and term of Galentine’s Day, call your best girlfriends and opt for this Valentine’s Day alternative.

Galentine’s day should contain all the sentiments of Valentine’s day without the need for a romantic partner.

Hosting a breakfast, brunch, dinner, or really sharing any meal for that matter is essential to spending time with your gal pals because they really hone conversations that you cannot get from any other relationship. To make it even more festive, host a friendship bracelet making activity to really affirm these friendships. All you need are some string and cute beads to make them. With lettered beads, you’ll be able to spell all the best friend acronyms, nicknames, and inside jokes.

Galentine’s day goodie bags are a great way to show your girlfriends you love them by putting together things they like. This can comprise of: makeup,  pictures of your favorite memories together, jewelry, a toy for their pet etc. These goodie bags don’t need to be anything close to extravagant, as their purpose

Like the cards you passed out in your 2nd grade class, make cards that you and your gal pals can trade with one another.

Celebrate Galentine’s day with the Notre Dame community by hashtagging #NDBWCW on twitter or instagram with a photo of your gal pal or female role models!