Ask the Tiger: Advice for NDB Students


Avani Tumuluri, Contributing Writer

Hey Tiger, how do I overcome senioritis and stop procrastinating?

Hi! Senioritis is definitely a common problem with all seniors so don’t feel alone. I myself am a champion of procrastination, taking several hours to complete homework which results in late nights and not my best work.

I think there isn’t really a way to fully overcome senioritis because you will definitely experience nuances of just not caring. One way to still hone in on your work, and still at least put some effort is organizing your time wisely. Usually, when we are overwhelmed or are dreading an assignment, we usually tend to procrastinate because we’re mentally avoiding the assignment. The best thing to do is actually get it done first and put the harder assignments in the beginning. This will let you have more than enough time for the easy assignments, and you’ll feel relaxed by the end and might even have time to catch up on a show. Plus think of having all your stuff done from the beginning, and have all that extra time to do whatever you want.

Time management is definitely a difficult feat, however, it’s possible and necessary for our lives in college or even adult life. Starting some healthy habits now will make your life much easier in your future. Just realize that its totally okay to sometimes have this feeling of carelessness, because we are all nearing the end. But don’t waste your talents or skills because you believe there won’t be consequences.


Hi! This semester I’m getting really stressed with balancing school and my extracurriculars. It’s starting to affect my health because I haven’t been able to sleep as much. What should I do?

Hi there! I too have to balance my academics with my extracurricular, and this was especially hard for me during my golf season where I would constantly have to go to practice as well as juggling my academics. But just know this will make you stronger in your future, as you will be able to handle any problem that comes pummeling your way, which is even scarier in the real world.

For now, if it’s affecting your health with stress first you need to check your priorities. Usually and in my opinion, academics come first. Make sure you are taking enough time to thoroughly do your homework, study, and learn in an efficient manner. Next, start to plan out everything. Make a calendar with when your extra circulars are, and what exact time. Once this is all out visually, you will be able to estimate how much time you will have for everything. The planner is really helpful in making a checklist for what needs to be done before or after your activity.

If your stress is getting to a limit where you are genuinely struggling, I suggest taking a break. Take a break from your activity for a few days even a week, to gain your mental energy back. Maybe try and talk with your coach or teacher to either make fewer hours or different days for the activity, but remember it’s all about time management. If you also find yourself doing a piece of homework or studying and it’s already getting late, put the work down and sleep. It’s common knowledge that you actually process information from the day, into your longterm memory when you are sleeping, not awake.

These types of problems will definitely be relevant in the future, where you will have to get specific things done in a short amount of time while juggling many other responsibilities, but it’s possible if you organize your time wisely, get enough sleep, eat healthily, and know that its okay to make mistakes in your life.