Cat Fight Game Results in a Loss

On Friday, January 11, the varsity basketball team played in the Cat Fight game against Woodside Priory School at NDB. The game had such a great turnout with so many people the seats were full which was a great turnout for this event considering the amount of support that was given. This game also gave students a chance to get spirits points for their class.

In order to show the entirety of the 2019 varsity team, a video made by Mr. George was played which gave all of the team members a chance to be seen. The videos have just recently started to be created for certain games in order to get the audience excited and have them cheering for the team. A senior, Bella Evans, spoke about how “the video gets me more excited for the games and it makes the crowd hype up the teams and gets people ready for the game to actually start”. I think that these videos are a great addition to sports events and get students more excited to come out to these events.

Throughout the game, it was a very close score which kept the audience on the edge of their seats. With NDB only being a few points down throughout the entirety of the game, there was never a dull moment throughout the 4 periods and once the score started to get to only a 1 to 2 point difference, the game got even tenser than it already was since it made the crowd riled up and ready to see the outcome of the rest of the game.

Once it was the end of the 4th period, the final score was Tigers with 32 points and the Panthers with 43. Although the Tigers didn’t take the win, it was a great game with NDB putting up a fight with the crowd being filled with support.