Seniors of NDB

Victoria Nicolson Interview


"The college process for me was pretty easy. Because I already had my mind set on attending either Gonzaga or LMU, it made my college process easier for me. I am so excited to end high school so I can start a new chapter in my life. I have been accepted into all 7 of the schools I applied to, and will be attending LMU in the fall! I will miss the familiarity of home the most. If I could do anything differently through high school, I would have been more prepared for the SAT because having a good score is really important for the college application process."

Francesca Dakin, Managing Editor

Around this time of year, seniors are going through the college process. The Catalyst members are asking seniors of Notre Dame how the college process has been like and if they are excited to leave home next year. In this interview NDB senior, Victoria Nicolson, reflects on the college application process and leaving home next year.

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