Q&A with a Coachella attendee


The Catalyst / Photo courtesy of Delaney Icard-Cullen

Delaney Icard-Cullen ’23 takes a break between seeing artists at the second weekend of Coachella.

The Catalyst (TC): Was this your first year going to Coachella?

Delaney Icard-Cullen (DI): This was my second year going.

TC: What artist/s were you most excited to see?

DI: I was most excited to see Blink 182, blondie, Dominic Fike, Cannons, WILLOW and Frank Ocean, so I was totally bummed when he dropped out. But I also saw a bunch of other artists that I knew just a couple of their songs.

TC: Did you plan your outfits ahead of time?

DI: I planned all of my outfits ahead, and went shopping beforehand to ensure I had all new clothes. I really wanted to wear a cute outfit I had on the last day, but they were pants and it was too hot for me to wear them so I just put on shorts and a top.

TC: What was your favorite part of Coachella?

DI:  It is really hard to say what my favorite part was, but I was just having so much fun hanging with my dad and listening to a bunch of good music. One thing I don’t think a lot of people understand about Coachella is that it’s not all about the music, so there’s always art installations and really good food and fun activities, so those are all really fun in my opinion.

TC: What was your least favorite part of Coachella?

DI:  This year there were a lot more people there, like a considerably large amount, so I was overwhelmed with the amount of people and I didn’t love how many people were there. I kind of felt insecure at times, but it was still fun.

TC: Was this an experience you would like to repeat next year?

DI: Yes, I would go back, but two years in a row is definitely a lot. I would take a pretty long break before going back.

TC: Describe your 2023 Coachella experience in three words.

DI: I would say, even though it’s more than three words, that Coachella is just a once in a lifetime experience, because you see a lot of people at once. It’s extremely overstimulating, but it’s also super fun and so diverse throughout all of the festival and it’s crazy how many artists you end up seeing, no matter if you’re just passing by or actually sitting down and watching, or being in the mosh pit. There’s always something going on.