HIA Hosts Easter Event for SVDP Families


The Catalyst / Photo Courtesy to Celine Curran

HIA members alongside families from Saint Vincent de Paul during the Easter Prayer Service.

On April 4, the Hallmarks in Action Board (HIA) hosted a beautiful Easter-themed event for the families of Saint Vincent de Paul. There were over 20 members who came, which included children aged from infants to tweens. It began with a prayer service where members spoke in Spanish and English, and was followed by a delicious Mexican meal made by Epicurean.

Afterward, HIA helped host a series of fun games. First was an Easter egg hunt, where the kids went to find some of the 300 eggs hidden in the Father-Downey Garden. They also had an Egg race, where the winner got an Easter-themed prize. Lastly, everyone played a fun round of musical chairs to Spanish music.

The night concluded with many thanks from the families, and several kids made sure to express to HIA members how great of a time they had.

A sophomore on the HIA Board, Emilia Luis, said, “I truly cherished this experience. I was so happy that I was able to help the lower-income community and it felt so amazing to see all of the bright smiling faces.”

The HIA board worked hard to make this event possible with the help of NDB’s Mother’s Clubs. During the meetings leading up to the event, they worked on which passages from the Bible should be included in the service. As well as what activities there should be for the children, and how to make them engaging.

, a junior on the HIA board, said, “I honestly felt so great after it ended because I really think we made an impact on everyone who attended”. She further added, “It was so nice to open our doors and hold that service. It also helped me practice my Spanish in real time.”

Overall, it was an amazing event and members were so thankful to have helped less fortunate families so close-by.

Sabrina Philip, co-president of the HIA Board, said, “what we did that night was the true meaning of HIA, and is exactly what we strive to do as a board that represents NDB.”