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Juniors dressed in their best ’80s-inspired outfits for Throwback Thursday.

Day 4: Throwback Thursday

The Spirit Week festivities continued at NDB with Throwback Thursday on October 27. For this day, students were prompted to dress up in ’80s-inspired outfits, mimicking the athleisure wear and bright colors associated with the 1980s. 

After the short day on Wednesday, NDB students were excited to dress up in their throwback outfits as Halloween weekend quickly approaches. Students dressed in neon leotards, leggings and accessorized with brightly colored legwarmers, scrunchies, headbands and jewelry. 

“I thought today’s spirit day was super fun since I had the opportunity to wear something I typically wouldn’t have otherwise,” said senior Keilee Hane. “It was great seeing everyone’s vibrant outfits and I loved putting mine together with my mom.”

This is the first day in Spirit Week that all grades were given the same prompt. On Monday, the categories were divided by sister class, on Tuesday by seniority and on Wednesday by class color. 

While the competitions between the classes previously in the week built a lot of Spirit Week excitement, Throwback Thursday offered a feeling of school unity as all classes dressed similarly.

“I love how we can express ourselves through the clothes we get to wear each day, like ’80s neon day, and how fun it is to see how everyone else dresses up,” said sophomore Hailey Kockos. “We are able to show our NDB spirit in a creative and funny way that includes everyone.”

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